The Holy Rig Veda defines Muhurta as ‘Muhu+Rta’ meaning the Moment of the Order indicating the significance of having a blessed and auspicious moment to avert divinely sourced problems. We are the most trusted and revered providers of Muhurtha services using the vedic system. Our approach to the veda based muhurth decisions have brought great successes and have showered our clients with all the divine blessings from the worlds above.

We provide a variety of services in the various fields as listed below:

House Construction and Gruhapravesham

Business commencement(starting a new business)



Filing court cases

Film Industry

Industry inauguration( starting a new industry)





Money transactions

New born child

Property Buying and selling


Temple Construction

Vehicle buying and selling

Other miscellaneous

**Reports will be sent to your registered mail in 4 to 6 working days

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