Astrology is the great divine science that has been blessing the mankind with immaculate divine support and saving them from unanticipated misfortunes. In the revered Hindu Epic - Mahabharata the lord obliterates the difference between himself and time, it is this time that has been ever eternal and that itself is the core form of the God. The space,the planetary positions and more importantly the time of these positions have been a source of light to predict one’s fate. We all are mere pawns in the great divine plan laid by Time. This divine plan is beyond human will and can only be predicted but can never be altered.

Astrology is that tool to predict your role in this divine plan and caution you about your future.

An eminent K.P Astrologer, a gold medalist and a revered research scholar from the prestigious Osmania University, Mr. M.S. Rao has started Divine Astrological Research Institute in the year 2000 with the sole aim of providing incorruptible and ethical astrological prediction and muhurtha services with razor sharp precision and trust. It soon became an authority in the Vedic astrology specialising in the K.P Astrology system. Our core mission is to promote training and research in various vedic principles in astrology with emphasis on projecting astrology as an exact science backed with scientific prediction techniques.

With vast research and in-depth understanding of all the fields of astrology,DARI has established itself as the pioneer in developing uncomplicated prediction principles in astrology. We have been serving our clients in a host of astrological services such as KP Natal and Horary Horoscope Prediction Reports, Vedic Muhurthas, Horoscope Matchmaking Reports, KP Astrology Training, KP Astrology Software, Lucky Gems, Lucky Rudraksha, Lucky Numbers, Naama Nakshatras, KP Astrology Research Institute and KP Astrology Publications.

Adding another feather in his rich crown of achievements in astrology, Mr. Rao has published the Sayana Panchangam 2011-2012, KP Pechanga 2011-12 and Sri khara nama samvatsara Panchangam 2011-2012 with precise Ayanamsa values. After immense research he professed a theory to verify the Ayanamsa values in an effortless way in his Ephemeris 2011-12, achieving a unique place in the Hindu astrology. These achievements have made him one of the most revered astrologers in the country and making DARI a prestigious research school in astrology

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