The Hindu Vedic astrology had suggested that the malefic power released by the planets is always negative whereas the power of the Gem /precious stone is always positive .When the negative meets the positive, both are neutralized. When the remedial gem worn, the gem goes on continuously vibrating its power which is observed in the individual aura.

Research in KP Astrology suggests that worn the gem, when the benefic planet in the birth chart is debilitated/enemical sign or conjoined/aspected by malefics. The vibrating power of the gem can be observed during the moon transit on star and sub of selected planet. This is the true method for selection of gem for wearing as remedial and suggestible to everybody. The steps for gem selection to result of gem are discussed step by step hereunder for the purpose of awareness on wearing gems.

Selection of Planetary Gems

Gems colours and its properties

Gems Occurrence

Gems and its Influences

Weight selection for Gem

Ring Metal

Cost of gemmed rings

Gemmed ring wearing fingers

Gem conflicts

Gemmed rings wearing time

Gem puja

>>Purification of gemmed ring

>>Reciting mantra of gem

>>Alms to give after wearing the gem

>>Worship of god/goddess of gem

Testing of gems power

There are 3 important methods for finding best Gem suitable for the person as per his horoscope.

>>Krishnamurthy Paddhhati (KP) Method - Best

>>Moon Sign Method - Vedic

>>Sun Sign Method – Western

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