• Matchmaking
  • 8 Kutas Matching points table
  • 01.Varna Kuta
  • 02.Vasya Kuta
  • 03.Tara Kuta
  • 04.Yoni Kuta
  • 05.Graha Maitri Kuta
  • 06.Gana Kuta
  • 07.Rasi Kuta
  • 08.Nadi Kuta

Horoscope Matchmaking for Marriage 

Muhurtham-MarriageVedic Astrology deals in depth with the subject of Horoscope compatibility between Bride and Bride Groom for the purpose of Marriage. Horoscope matching is the first step in a marriage. A good Horoscope match is considered the promise of a long and happy prosperous married life.

Horoscope matching uses matching on 8 different factors called Kutas/Gunas of the Bride and bride groom. The maximum combined score that can be achieved is 36. This is called the 36 Guna matching. Each Kuta/Guna is a derivative of the position of Moon in the Natal birth charts of the couple.  According to astrologers a minimum score of 18 is considered essential to a match. Below this score the marriage is not recommended.

Matchmaking Report

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S.No. Kuta Name Max Points Remarks
1 Varna 1 Psychological Agreement
2 Vasya 2 Mutual attraction
3 Tara 3 General Auspiciousness
4 Yoni 4 Sexual Affinity
5 Graha Maitri 5 Friendship
6 Gana 6 Spiritual Agreement
7 Rasi 7 General Luck and Fortune
8 Nadi 8 Mutual Health
Total 36

Varna Kuta 

Maximum Points-1

The Varna Kuta judges primarily the degree of spiritual or ego development between the couple. In this method the Moon Rashis (signs) are divided in 4 categories. >> Read More

Vasya Kuta 

Maximum Points – 2

Vasya kuta uses 5 different animals to classify the people. The classifications are as here under.>> Read More

 Tara Kuta

 Maxium Points – 3

Tara (Birth Star) matching takes in account the health and longevity of the couple post marriage. This Kuta is considered quite important in vedic astrology and is awarded a score of 3 points. A marriage which agrees on the Tara aspect yields a long and healthy association for the two people.>> Read More

Yoni Kuta 

Maximum points – 4

There are two kinds of Yoni kutas.One is male yoni kuta and another one is female yoni kuta.Every Nakshatra has the characteristics of an animal indicative of sexual joy, mutual attraction and love. Out of 27 Nakshatras 14 numbers are consider as Male yonis and 13 numbers are considered as Female yonis.>> Read More

Graha Maitri

 Maximum points – 5

Matching of Lords of Birth Moon Signs

Grahamaitri is the friendship between Rashi lords of the Moon signs of the Girl and Boy. It indicates mental qualities and mutual love of the two people. In this kuta the two rashi lords can be friends, enemies or neutral to each other.>> Read More

Gana Kuta

 Maximum Points – 6

The constellations are divided in to 3 categories. Namely Deva, Manusha and Rakshasa.>> Read More

Rasi Kuta

 Maximum Points – 7      

Rasi Kuta compares the Janma Rasis’s (Moon signs) of the man and woman >> Read More

Nadi Kuta

 Maximum points – 8          

It signifies the genetic compatibility between the two partners and their capability to produce healthy progeny.>> Read More

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