If the person has no birth details, then can find his/her birth star using of name first letter. Please see the under mentioned table for finding birth star and birth sign as per name. If the person has having birth details, then can put their names  as per their birth Sign and star.  In this system, starting letter of your first name will indicate your Birth star, Pada and Sign

S.No. Letter start with Name Birth
Star Star Pada Rasi
1 Chu Aswini 1st Pada Aries
2 Che Aswini 2nd Pada Aries
3 Cho Aswini 3rd Pada Aries
4 La/Prla/Pla/Hla Aswini 4th Pada Aries
5 Li Bharani 1st Pada Aries
6 Lu Bharani 2nd Pada Aries
7 Le Bharani 3rd Pada Aries
8 Lo Bharani 4th Pada Aries
9 A Krithika 1st Pada Aries
10 E Krithika 2nd Pada Taurus
11 U Krithika 3rd Pada Taurus
12 Ea Krithika 4th Pada Taurus
13 O Rohini 1st Pada Taurus
14 Va Rohini 2nd Pada Taurus
15 Vi Rohini 3rd Pada Taurus
16 Vu Rohini 4th Pada Taurus
17 Ve Mrigashiras 1st Pada Taurus
18 Vo Mrigashiras 2nd Pada Taurus
19 Ka/Kru Mrigashiras 3rd Pada Gemini
20 Ki Mrigashiras 4th Pada Gemini
21 Ku Aardhra 1st Pada Gemini
22 Gha/Kam Aardhra 2nd Pada Gemini
23 Ing/Ga Aardhra 3rd Pada Gemini
24 Chha Aardhra 4th Pada Gemini
25 Ke/Kshe/Ma Punarvasu 1st Pada Gemini
26 Ko Punarvasu 2nd Pada Gemini
27 Ha Punarvasu 3rd Pada Gemini
28 Hi Punarvasu 4th Pada Cancer
29 Hu Pushyami 1st Pada Cancer
30 He Pushyami 2nd Pada Cancer
31 Ho Pushyami 3rd Pada Cancer
32 Da Pushyami 4th Pada Cancer
33 De Ashlesha 1st Pada Cancer
34 Du Ashlesha 2nd Pada Cancer
35 De Ashlesha 3rd Pada Cancer
36 Do Ashlesha 4th Pada Cancer
37 Ma Magha/Makha 1st Pada Leo
38 Me Magha/Makha 2nd Pada Leo
39 Mu Magha/Makha 3rd Pada Leo
40 Me Magha/Makha 4th Pada Leo
41 Mo PoorvaPhalguni 1st Pada Leo
42 Ta PoorvaPhalguni 2nd Pada Leo
43 Ti PoorvaPhalguni 3rd Pada Leo
44 Tu PoorvaPhalguni 4th Pada Leo
45 Te Uthraphalguni 1st Pada Leo
46 To Uthraphalguni 2nd Pada Virgo
47 Pa/Pha Uthraphalguni 3rd Pada Virgo
48 Pi Uthraphalguni 4th Pada Virgo
49 Pu Hastha 1st Pada Virgo
50 Sha/Kshetra Hastha 2nd Pada Virgo
51 Na Hastha 3rd Pada Virgo
52 Tha Hastha 4th Pada Virgo
53 Pe Chitra 1st Pada Virgo
54 Po Chitra 2nd Pada Virgo
55 Ra /Bra/Pra Chitra 3rd Pada Libra
56 Ri Chitra 4th Pada Libra
57 Ru/Hru Swaathi 1st Pada Libra
58 Re Swaathi 2nd Pada Libra
59 Ro/Dro/Dre Swaathi 3rd Pada Libra
60 Ta Swaathi 4th Pada Libra
61 Ti Vishaakha 1st Pada Libra
62 Tu Vishaakha 2nd Pada Libra
63 Te Vishaakha 3rd Pada Libra
64 To Vishaakha 4th Pada Scorpio
65 Na Anuraadha 1st Pada Scorpio
66 Ne Anuraadha 2nd Pada Scorpio
67 Nu Anuraadha 3rd Pada Scorpio
68 Ne Anuraadha 4th Pada Scorpio
69 No Jyeshta 1st Pada Scorpio
70 Ya Jyeshta 2nd Pada Scorpio
71 Yi Jyeshta 3rd Pada Scorpio
72 Yu Jyeshta 4th Pada Scorpio
73 Ye Moola 1st Pada Sagittarius
74 Yo Moola 2nd Pada Sagittarius
75 Ba Moola 3rd Pada Sagittarius
76 Bi Moola 4th Pada Sagittarius
77 Bhu P.Shada 1st Pada Sagittarius
78 Dha/Da/ P.Shada 2nd Pada Sagittarius
79 Pha /Bhai P.Shada 3rd Pada Sagittarius
80 Dha/Da P.Shada 4th Pada Sagittarius
81 Bhe U.Shada 1st Pada Sagittarius
82 Bho U.Shada 2nd Pada Capricorn
83 Ja U.Shada 3rd Pada Capricorn
84 Ji U.Shada 4th Pada Capricorn
85 Khi Shraavan 1st Pada Capricorn
86 Khu Shraavan 2nd Pada Capricorn
87 Khe Shraavan 3rd Pada Capricorn
88 Kho Shraavan 4th Pada Capricorn
89 Ga Dhanishta 1st Pada Capricorn
90 Gi Dhanishta 2nd Pada Capricorn
91 Gu Dhanishta 3rd Pada Aquarius
92 Ge Dhanishta 4th Pada Aquarius
93 Go Shathabhisha 1st Pada Aquarius
94 Sa Shathabhisha 2nd Pada Aquarius
95 Si Shathabhisha 3rd Pada Aquarius
96 Su Shathabhisha 4th Pada Aquarius
97 Se P.Bhadra 1st Pada Aquarius
98 So P.Bhadra 2nd Pada Aquarius
99 Da P.Bhadra 3rd Pada Aquarius
100 Di P.Bhadra 4th Pada Aquarius
101 Du U.Bhadra 1st Pada Aquarius
102 Sya/ U.Bhadra 2nd Pada Pisces
103 Jha U.Bhadra 3rd Pada Pisces
104 Dha U.Bhadra 4th Pada Pisces
105 De Revathi 1st Pada Pisces
106 Do Revathi 2nd Pada Pisces
107 Cha Revathi 3rd Pada Pisces
108 Chi Revathi 4th Pada Pisces
Abhijeet Nakshatra
83 Ju U.Shada 3rd Pada Capricorn
84 Je U.Shada 4th Pada Capricorn
85 Jo Shraavan 1st Pada Capricorn
86 Kha Shraavan 2nd Pada Capricorn
Special words
If name contains more than
one word, take last word of the name for naming naama nakshtra
Name Last
Venkata Narayana Narayana Anuradha 1P


If a name start with dual
letter and having either Eithvam or Vothvam, take 1st pronounciation in that
letter for naming Janma  naama
Name Naming Letter
Bhairavudu Bha
Aiumdya A
Dhwaja Dh
Griva Gi
Twitpati Ti
Draksha Da
Krushnudu K


If a name start with dual
letter and having no Eithvam or Vothvam, take 2nd pronounciation in that
letter for naming Janma naama Nakshatra
Name Naming Letter
Prlahlada La
Hladini La
Plavan La
BrahmaPrabhakara ra
Tryambaka ya
Kshetrapaludu She
Dronudu Ron
Sridharudu ri
Droupati rou


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