About DARI

about-dariDivine Astrological Research Institute(DARI)” was started in the year 2000 at Hyderabad, Telangana, India by an eminent K.P.Astrologer, Sri M.S.Rao, a research scholar of Osmania university, Hyderabad. DARI aims at teaching of the Divine Science in more scientific and Professional manner to students in KP Astrology. DARI offers KP Astrology Training at 4 levels of courses from 1st May 2011. The main focus of the institute is teaching, training and research on various Vedic principles in astrology. It seeks to promote astrology as an exact science with accurate predictions.

DARI has carried out extensive research at micro and macro level in all fields of astrology and developed simple predictive principles in astrology. DARI is presently providing the Astrology Services namely Horoscope Prediction Reports, Match Making Reports, Muhurthas,  Namanakshatras &  also Training in K.P.Astrology.

Sri M.S.Rao developed a simple theory for verification of correct ayanamsa value. This theory was published in his Ephemeris 2011-12. He has given correct ayanamsa values from the reference date 01.01.2011 at 12.00.00 terrestial time in his Ephemeris 2011-12. He has converted all precession equation models from tropical year to J2000.0 and calculated accumulated precession values from 1st January 1 AD to 2011 AD and ayanamsa values from 291 AD to 2011 AD. Now DARI is publishing daily Ayanamsa values based on IAU 2006 Model from 1st January 2011 in this website. This is unique achievement of DARI.

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